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        James Hooper was born in Georgia in 1776 and married Jemima Bankson who was born 1785.  Jemima was the daughter of James Bankson born 1765 and Judith Lee.  James Bankson was the son of ? Bankson born 1740 and Anne O’Dear.


Clayborn Rhodes Hooper was born in Kentucky November 25, 1813.  He was the son of James and Jemima Hooper.  Clayborn moved from Kentucky to Illinois and enlisted in Company B 3rd Illinois Infantry.  Clayborn fought in the battle of Vera Cruz on March 5, 1847 with General Winfield Scott, who was in charge of approximately 12,000 U.S. Troops and by March 29, 1847 they occupied Vera Cruz.  The troops then began the march towards Mexico City.  Approximately 8,500 Americans were with Scott including Captain Robert E. Lee.


Clayborn also took part in the battle of Cerro Gordo.  The battle of Cerro Gordo was fought on April 18, 1847.  There were an estimated 12,000 Mexicans in the battle of which approximately 1000 were killed or wounded.  The Americans killed or wounded only totaled 430.  About 3000 Mexicans were also taken prisoners.


Clayborn married Mary A. Storey who was born in Kentucky on July 24, 1819.         It is unknown when Clayborn and Mary got married.  As their first child was born when Mary was just 18, they were probably married around 1836.  Clayborn and Mary had 10 children before their deaths. 


Clayborn Hooper died on December 29, 1873 and was buried in Ellington Cemetery in Magazine, Arkansas.  Mary Storey died on January 16, 1904 and was buried next to her husband.










Family of Clayborn R. Hooper



1.    Eli Delworth Hooper was born on September 12, 1837 married in 1865 to Martha J. Franklin.  He later married Margaret E. Loyd.  Eli had nine children, 5 daughters and 4 sons, before he died in 1919.



2.    Sidney J. Hooper was born on May 19, 1840 in Illinois and later married Lewis P. Ellington.  Sidney died on Aug. 5, 1910 and was buried in the Ellington Cemetery.



3.    Mary Jane Hooper was born in 1842



4.    Peter Warren Hooper born on May 27, 1843



5.    Grace A. Hooper was born in 1844 or 1846 in

    Illinois.  Grace married Giles who was a Union     

    Soldier and was killed in the Civil War, they had

    one son.  Grace then married John Rankins and

    they had five children.



6.    Martha E. "Bette" Hooper was born in 1847 in

    Illinois and later married Lafayette Hardin.











Family of Clayborn R. Hooper



7.    Serena Hooper born unknown year in Illinois, married Mark Cole.  Serena is believed to have died at an early age.



8.    Eliza Emoline Hooper was born on March 20, 1850 in

    Arkansas and later married George E. Loyd.  She died on

    Feb. 25, 1918.


9.    Josephine Hooper was born in 1852 in Arkansas and married

    John W. Worley.



10.           Nancy "Natalie" Caroline Hooper was born in 1854 in

        Arkansas and married Wingfield S. Blanton.



11.           Caledonia "Callie" Hooper was born in 1859 and later married Henry Chappell.

















Peter Hooper's Family


4.     Peter Warren Hooper at the age of twenty enlisted in Co. B. of the 2nd Arkansas Infantry in Sept. 1863.  He was discharged on August 10, 1865.  About 1863 he reported to the command of Capt.  Burl Priddy and marched to the Indian Territory where General Cable told them that the Plains Indians were going to attack.  Peter stated that he deserted the next morning with Miles Hooper and went back home.  He also served about two months in the State Militia in 1868 and helped to put down a rebellion in the southern part of the state.  Peter married four times prior to his death at age 67 on October 7, 1910.


Peter’s First Marriage


Peter got married on May 28, 1865 in Clarksville Arkansas.  His wife died.


Peter’s Second Marriage


Peter married Mary Marie Burton who was born in North Carolina on Sept. 18, 1843. Mary had a brother named Austin Burton, which they lived with for about a year  in 1869 in Dover, Arkansas.  Born to this union were seven children but only four survived:


4a. William Preston Hooper on Feb. 24, 1866 died May 8, 1867.


4b. Phillip Sheridan Hooper born on July 6, 1867


4c. Ellin Caldonia Hooper born Jan. 23, 1869, married John

     Walker.  Ellin died Nov. 9, 1903.


4d. Margret Ann Elizabeth Hooper born Nov. 9, 1870, died

     Sept. 1871








Family of Clayborn R. Hooper


                     Peter Hooper's Family



4e. Rachel Conilise "Neally" Hooper born on April 9, 1872,

     married Ben Townsend


4f. Edwin Samson Hooper on Dec. 5, 1873, died Dec. 11, 1873


4g.     Marian Rosette Hooper born on October 2, 1874, married David Cornelius Weldon on October 9, 1890.


David and Rose Weldon family

David Cornelius Weldon, born July 11, 1872 in Arkansas, David married Marian Rosetta Hooper on Oct. 9, 1890.  Rose was born October 2, 1874, and died June 9, 1930.  David died September 7, 1947.  Both were buried in Ochiltree Cemetery near Perryton, TX. 

Ten children were born to this union:

1.      Edgar Elmore Weldon
2.      Pearl Adaline Weldon
3.      Joseph Washington Weldon
4.      Warren Richard Weldon
5.      Benjamin Henry Weldon
6.      John Thomas Weldon
7.      Sally Orinda Weldon
8.      Hiram Newton Weldon
9.      Frances Weldon
10.     Eugene Victor Weldon (10 kids born to Vick and I, David Weldon am the 10th.)






4c. Ellin (Ellen) Caldonia Hooper married John Walker, born to

     this union were:


4c-1.  Mary Elizabeth Walker on July 9, 1891

4c-2.  Minnie Bell Walker

4c-3. Pearl Adeline Walker on July 4, 1896 ***NOTE*** 4c-4.  Lillie Kathrine on Jan. 6, 1901


4c-3.  Pearl married Charley Menke on August 27, 1914 in Paola, Kansas and later wrote a book "OUT IN THE FIELDS WITH GOD" in which she mentions her Uncle Dave and Aunt Rose Weldon. **'NOTE***













Family of Clayborn R. Hooper


                     Peter Hooper's Family



                    Peter's Third Marriage


Mary Marie Burton died on November 5, 1875 and then Peter married Charity Maginta in 1875.  Charity A. Maginta was born in 1855.  Charity’s last name is also listed as Pointer.  Born to this union:


4aa.  Eli Bedire Hooper on March 14, 1876

4bb.  Mary Emualine Hooper on Oct. 14, 1877

4cc.  Joseph Hooper on August 3, 1881

4dd.  Orinda Hooper on May 14, 1883





                    Peter's Third Marriage


Charity Maginta died on January 5, 1886 and then Peter married Marthia (Martha) Jane Williams on May 10, 1886.  Jane Williams was born on February 8, 1860.  Jane was married to John Hall before marring Peter.  John Hall died Dec. 1, 1885. Born to this union:


4aaa.  Sarah Ann Hooper on February 10, 1887












Family of Clayborn R. Hooper      

                     Peter Hooper's Family



4aaa.  Sarah Hooper was born in Logan County, near Sugar Grove, AR. on February 10, 1887.  Sarah married Elijah Flood.  Flood was born on February 22, 1879 and died on February 22, 1936 in Combes, Texas.  Sarah Ann died on May 19, 1939 and was buried next to her husband in Combes, TX.

Children from this union were:


4aaa-1.  Nivah lone Flood on December 27, 1910

4aaa-2.  Raymond Flood on April 27, 1922


Nivah married Harlon Venson who was born on Sept. 4, 1911.  Harion's father was Herbert Vinson. Three children were born to this union:


4aaa-1a.  Clarence Elijah Venson on October 31, 1935 Clarence

             married and had two children:


4aaa-1a-1.  William Venson


4aaa-1a-2.  Elizabeth Venson


4aaa-1b. James Warren Venson on December 8, 1937 James never married.


4aaa- 1 c. Sarah Rose Ann Venson born on December 20, 1943.   Sarah married Michael Erb and two children were born to this union:


4aaa-lc-1.  Douglas Erb


4aaa-lc-2.  Sarah Erb








Family of Clayborn R. Hooper



3.                Mary J. Hooper married John 0. Hall in 1860

        and ten children were born to this union:


1.    Clayton Hall in 1861   ---- married Kate ______


2.    Mary Catherine Hall on Feb. 1, 1863--married Martin Ryan


3.    James J. Hall on Dec. 19, 1864 -married Ellen E. Talburt


4.    Serena Ellen Hall in May 1866--married P. F. McCormack


5.    Joseph Hall on Jan. 14, 1869--married Mary King


6.    Miles G. Hall in June 1873 --- married Mary B.


7. Eli Hall in 1876 ---- married Millissie Williams


8.  Sidney Hall in 1879 ----- married Joe Adams


9.  Margaret A. "Goldie" Hall on Jul. 15, 1881-married Will Catlett.


10. Dollie Hall in Aug. 1888  ----- married Albert Catlett


Mary J. was buried in Little Vine Cemetery in Blue Mountain, Arkansas.






The above information was obtained from Russell C. Hall and wife Melva.  Russell is a grandson of James J. Hall.






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