Hi, I saw your web site and was intrigued. My name is David Hooper. I live in Des Moines, Iowa. There are about 9 Hooper's in the Des Moines phone

  book and I know them all but one. I have 2 brothers, Jon and Michael. I have a son, Casey Hooper who is 15 years old. Casey is the last Hooper around

  here unless he bears some sons of his own. I know Hooper's come primarily from England. I have also seen some evidence from Ireland. I was in Ireland

  2 summers ago and I saw a business with the Hooper name on it and some of the locals told me that they knew some Hoopers. I also have a friend from

  Dublin who now lives in Austin, Texas who said one of his best friends is John Hooper from Kinsale, Ireland. That's about all I know. If there is anything I

  can help you with, let me know.


  thank you,


  David Hooper


  attached are pictures of myself and Casey when we went to Chicago to see Eric Clapton



Dave Hooper


Casey Hooper